Research Saves Lives


There are many areas of research that hold great promise for patients, but have no particular interest for commercial partners. That is why BIG develops and runs studies that hold tremendous potential for patients and promise long-term gains for society, in all regions of the world.


Research is the only way to understand breast cancer, how and why it progresses, and how it can ultimately be stopped.

Since the creation of the not-for-profit in 1999, more than 50 trials have been run under the BIG umbrella, including several landmark trials that have had a real impact on breast cancer treatments and the lives of patients affected by the disease.

Dr. Martine Piccart : "With the incredibly powerful and fascinating technologies under development today, there is a real risk to get « lost in translation ». I believe that we need to put ourselves in our patients’ shoes and focus on issues that matter to them, such as identifying and validating biomarkers that could be linked to an excellent clinical outcome without treatment escalation."

Patients’ needs at the heart of our activities


Thanks to genetic research on cancer cells over the past decade, we now understand that breast cancer is not one single disease, but many different subtypes. All patients are different and require a unique treatment approach.

Our aim is to find the right treatment for every patient. That’s why BIG’s trials introduce particularly innovative designs, contributing to significant breakthroughs, or paving the way towards more personalised treatment of the disease.

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