Your engagement and creativity makes a BIG difference in the lives of all patients

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In recent years, BIG expanded the number and types of collaborations with the corporate world. 

As well as helping to do good, supporting BIG against breast cancer can help our business in many ways.
For example, it helps define our corporate identity and enhances employee relations and motivation.

-one of BIG's corporate partners-

Why support BIG?

BIG is a credible partner valuing transparency and scientific excellence. Many of our clinical trials are landmark and practice-changing. Our team works meticulously to ensure that every cent is accounted for and provides reports for our donors and partners like you.

  • BIG focuses on finding cures and is distinguishable from many charities by the fact that it does not redistribute funding to third parties but conducts its own research;
  • BIG follows strict principles of research conduct that aim to eliminate bias from the research process;
  • BIG has the ability to achieve faster results and greater patient benefits through its global collaboration approach;
  • Supporting BIG is supporting researchers who work hard to find cures for breast cancer patients all over the world;
  • Partnering with BIG is a great opportunity on different levels such as mobilising and engaging employees to help fight a disease that impacts many lives.

Below you can choose in which way BIG and your company can offer each other extra value.

HOW support BIG with your organisation ?


1.    CSR Patronage Packages
Having your company associated with a leading international organisation in breast cancer research can only be positive for your stakeholders, employees and customers. Such a partnership helps refine your corporate identity. As a corporate partner you share BIG’s values (sharing and combining resources, expertise, accountability, innovation) and embrace the cause. Not only intending to do good, the companies adopting this package wish to save lives by supporting breast cancer research. This package entails a long term, stable engagement between your company and BIG.

2.    My-Employees-Count Packages

With such a high incidence (1 in 8 women), breast cancer greatly impacts business life! Your company undoubtedly has employees or their family members who are confronted by the disease …. Showing solidarity and mobilising your employees can stimulate their motivation and enhance retention.

Many different options have been assembled to offer truly attractive packages, including the ‘’adopt-a-future mother’’ programme, in-house information sessions, athletic activities and challenges, teambuilding, the surprising ‘’Boobs’ Art’’ exhibition, private concerts, special events, …

3.    Pink Marketing Packages

What about taking the opportunity to engage your customers with your brand? If you are selling to women, you will touch their hearts. If you are selling to men, you give them an extra way to show they care about the women they love. Simply allocate a percentage of your total turnover or a percentage of the sales of a specific product or service to support breast cancer research. This package offers you the opportunity to communicate your support for a cause that touches many women in the world.

4.    BIG Visibility Packages

BIG has designed special packages with different media. You can access interesting visibility in mass media at a preferential rate, while the medium donates part of your media investment to support breast cancer research. Not only do you serve your business, but you also contribute to the cause.

5.    BIG Event Packages

To cultivate our relationship with a growing network of donors, partners and Ambassadors, each year BIG organises several events in Belgium and abroad. As a sponsor, your company can become a preferential partner of BIG events by providing financial support (covering part of our communication, venue, or catering costs) or by giving in-kind (tombola prizes, products/services, consumables).

Let's make plans to change the future

We are grateful to the many companies, brands, businesses and employees involved in the fight against breast cancer. Their engagement, energy and creativity makes a BIG difference in the lives of the patients we serve.

Do you have an idea that you would like to discuss with us? Please contact and let's make plans to change the future.

BOOBs ART in your company

Boobs Art is a thematic exhibition on the art of the breast, which throughout history has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Alongside big names such as Louise Bourgeois, France’s greatest female sculptor, there are works by many female artists who have faced the disease.

The exhibition also features surprising post-operative tattoos and remarkable awareness campaigns on the subject.

As an organisation you can set up the expo in your headquarters. Interested to know more ? Please contact

BIGs main partners of recent years

Curious to know whom BIG worked with in recent years? Here some of our previous and actual partners.
Participation inkind (communication support e.g.), donations, logistic support, .... everything is negotiable. Our partnership manager Mathilde Jooris is available for all your questions.