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BIG a pour mission de faciliter la recherche sur le cancer du sein à l’échelle internationale en favorisant les collaborations entre ses membres. Mais ce n’est pas sa seule fonction. Pour lutter le plus efficacement possible contre la maladie, une coopération mondiale entre BIG et tous les acteurs essentiels du processus de recherche s’avère indispensable. Cette coopération est la clé de toute recherche, et BIG est entièrement tournée vers elle !

Ensemble, nous trouverons un remède pour le cancer du sein.

Partenaires - Fondations

Fonds Baillet Latour

Au fil des ans, le Fonds Baillet Latour a étendu le champ de ses interventions dans quatre domaines, la santé, la culture, l’éducation et le sport, par le biais de collectes de fonds, de remises de prix et de bourses. Les projets et les initiatives qu’il soutient affichent tous, dans leurs domaines respectifs, une dimension belge et une vocation internationale.

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Breast Cancer Research Foundation est une association sans but lucratif qui s’engage dans la prévention et le traitement du cancer du sein. Elle fournit les financements indispensables à la recherche sur le cancer aux quatre coins de la planète afin de permettre des progrès dans divers domaines : biologie des tumeurs, génétique, prévention, traitement, métastases et survie.

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Fondation Cancer

La Fondation Cancer est une association sans but lucratif fondée en 1994. Elle remplit 3 missions : prévention des cancers, assistance aux patients atteints d’un cancer et financement de la recherche.

Pour réaliser ces objectifs, la Fondation Cancer, une organisation neutre et indépendante, mène de nombreuses actions, édite des publications et propose ses services. Toutes ces activités dépendent entièrement des dons et legs de donateurs.

Voir le site web Fondation Cancer

Partenaires du monde des entreprises

Altavia Act

Communication agency

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A mobile fitness app which allows users to raise funds and awareness for a good cause for every km they track walk, run or bike.

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Baobab supports BIG against breast cancer research with an exclusive collection of scented candles called 'Women'.
In autumn 2018, a new collection called 'Gentlemen' has been added, designed for men supporting and loving their partners.

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Belfius is one of the biggest Belgian financial institutions, supporting lots of social and health projects.

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Brussels Rock School

A school with a heart.

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Buy Way Personal Finance has specialized in consumer credit in Belgium and Luxembourg for more than 30 years. The company, headquartered in Brussels, specializes in financing at the point of sale.
Buyway cares about your health and takes real action to financially support research. In 2018, they launched an Atlas run challenge for instance, which raised € 1000 for BIG breast cancer research.

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Comptoir des Vins

More than 20 years of experience in the world of wine.

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Enjoy Traiteur

A exclusive catering service based in Brussels.

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Festi was established in 1998 and is one of the leaders in the business of party renting.

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The homebanking solution of Carrefour.

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The most important and famous service operating in the field of international flower deliveries.

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Communication agency in Brussels.

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Lombard International

Unit-linked life assurance solutions for succession planning and wealth structuring aimed to high net worth individuals.

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Loterie Nationale Loterij

Thanks to its players, the National Lottery of Belgium supports culture, sport, scientific research, poverty alleviation, development cooperation and solidarity. And every bet of these players, no matter how small, makes a world of difference.

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Media Expo is the industry's most trusted trade exhibition for the indoor & outdoor advertising and signage industry.

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Nestlé, the world's largest food and beverage company, is committed to enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.

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The innovative brand of face and body care, anti-aging treatments and SPA Nuxe.

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Panda is a premium gin that is distilled and bottled in Belgium, 100% organic and the first one worldwide to be litchi-based.

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SABAM is one of the Belgian associations of authors, composers and publishers. The bilingual acronym stands for "Société d'Auteurs Belge – Belgische Auteurs Maatschappij". Their headquarters is located in the same city as BIG's headquarters, Brussels.

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Uber Technologies Inc. is a peer-to-peer ridesharing, taxi cab, food delivery, bicycle-sharing, and transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, operating in 785 metropolitan areas worldwide, such as Brussels.

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Exclusive sports club combining performance and design.

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With the launch of the magazine «Ma Santé» in 1999, ViVio rapidly became one of Belgium’s leading players in health publishing for the general public.

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One of the biggest platforms of sale and purchase of various goods in Belgium.

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Worldline, division of Atos, is one of the European leaders in payment and transaction services.

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