A thematic exhibition on the art of the breast

Intro text: 

Scientific sources indicate that 1 in 8 women will suffer from breast cancer, and this number is constantly growing. This makes it a major societal concern. However, research leads to improved treatments and ultimately to cures. So, together with you, we need to spread the word, loudly and clearly.

Boobs Art contributes to this message. It is a collaboration with The Maison de l’Image, which goes beyond the strictly cultural aspect of the exhibition, to transform the theme of the breast into a humanitarian cause. The Maison de l’Image takes a refreshingly cheeky approach to its work, which has the advantage of making difficult issues easier to approach.

Boobs Art focuses on the art of the breast, with participating artists presenting their most significant work. Alongside big names such as Louise Bourgeois, one of France’s greatest female sculptors, there are works by many female artists who have faced the disease. The exhibition also features surprising post-operative tattoos and remarkable awareness campaigns on the subject.


Book the expo and give BIG support to cancer research.

Practical Information

A a company, you can book this traveling expo and bring it to your company.
You arrange a space for 50 frames, BIG arranges the set-up/break-down.

For more info and bookings, Mathilde Jooris will be happy to help you:

Mob: +32 475 201 101
Direct tel: +32 2 486 16 32