Do you know the feeling...

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Do you know the feeling of those hopeful words, after bad news?

Lots of young women and men really hope to have a child one day. But sometimes life interferes with this plan.

Especially when the doctor says ‘you have breast cancer’. When a young woman hears those words, her world, hopes and wishes suddenly fall apart. After winning a first battle, she needs hormonal treatment to avoid the cancer returning. This therapy can last for 5 to 10 years and is not compatible with pregnancy. After that, she might have passed childbearing age…

Here’s where YOU come in. 


Yes, I want to donate and give HOPE.

What is BIG Time for Baby?

YOU can give HOPE, by supporting 'BIG Time for Baby' research. This clinical study aims to evaluate whether the hormonal treatment can be safely paused for up to 2 years, to allow a pregnancy without increasing the risk of breast cancer recurrence.


Why should you support?

-    This study will help women keep their hopes high, for positive news, after the fight against breast cancer.
-    If the study proves the safety of interrupting treatment, yearly more than 100.000 women could be helped!
-    It is conducted at international level so that women around the world could benefit from the results, including in your home country.
-    To be scientifically valid, 500 patients need to be enrolled. The patients are eager to participate… 

What is missing is the money. But YOU can support NOW and give hope

Your impact.
By Prof. Martine Piccart and Zoë, breast cancer survivor, hoping to become a mother.

Prof. Martine Piccart explains the importance of the BIG Time for Baby study.

Zoë tells you the story about her hopefully successful path to pregnancy after breast cancer.

Facts & figures


Support the study today. If it proves treatment interruption to be safe, every year more than 100.000 women could benefit and see their wish come true.

Yes, I want to give hope.
1 out of 6
breast cancer patients diagnosed during her reproductive years.
patients needed for reliable research results.
€ 14.175
needed for 1 patient to participate in this trial.

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