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The BIG Headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium. The team is made up of over 30 dynamic, passionate and committed people who work on behalf of the Executive Board and the General Assembly. The latter consists of the voting representatives appointed by each BIG member group, and –together with the Executive Board, they move BIG's research agenda forward. Together, we are on track to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for breast cancer.

Executive Board


The Executive Board provides overall leadership for the organization, meeting several times a year to develop BIG’s scientific strategy, carry out decisions of the General Assembly, and provide oversight for the association.  BIG Board members are active in the BIG member groups and may serve up to two terms of 4 years each.  Half of any available seats are filled through direct election by the General Assembly and half are appointed by the Board.

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Dedicated staff at BIG HQ


The staff at BIG HQ is responsible, among other things, for : Providing support to member groups and data centres; Developing and managing new research programmes and clinical trials; Liaising with industry partners; Managing E.C. supported projects; Leading communications & fundraising activities; Coordinating grant applications; Managing the association’s finances, contracts and human resources.

BIG Committee of Ambassadors


The BIG “Committee of Ambassadors” represent influential members of the community who show their support for BIG. They work to grow the network of supporters through introductions and events, and by providing their valuable advice and expertise. The Ambassadors help us enhance existing programs and activities, develop new ideas and launch bold strategies to raise funds and awareness for the BIG vision: to find a cure for breast cancer.

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