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Offer the possibility of becoming a mom to young women who have fought breast cancer.

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The time to try to become mom is limited for young women in remission from breast cancer who wish to have a baby while receiving hormonal treatment. They cannot buy time. But you can.

The majority of breast cancers diagnosed in young women are "hormone-dependent" (also called estrogen receptor positive or ER+). To grow, the cancerous cells feed off of these women’s estrogens.

After tumor removal, to avoid the return of cancer, these young women receive hormonal treatment, which stops the production of estrogen in the body, and thus cuts the cancer’s "fuel". This treatment is spread out over a period of 5 to 10 years. Unfortunately, such therapy can’t be reconciled with getting pregnant because having the estrogens blocked interferes with conception.

In other words, it is impossible for a woman to become pregnant while following this treatment.


All women have the right to happiness

To become a mom, these young women are faced with a dilemma: to wait until the end of their treatment – but then it is often too late to still have a baby – or stop the treatment to get pregnant while taking the risk that the cancer will return.

To allow for a possible pregnancy after ER+ breast cancer, it is necessary to interrupt the hormonal treatment.

And to ensure that this interruption does not increase the risk of relapse, it is necessary to conduct a clinical study at the international level. This is the challenge that BIG against breast cancer is taking on.

Your support will help these young women to realize their most beautiful dream.


It's BIG Time for Baby

This clinical study is being carried out in collaboration with more than 60 hospitals, spread across 4 continents, from Canada to Japan via Belgium. The study is on track and currently involves 144 young women. To be scientifically valid, 500 patients need to be enrolled. The patients are eager to participate… What is missing is the money.
Learn more about the BIG Time for Baby study