Committee of Ambassadors

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The “Committee of Ambassadors” consists of influential members of the community who wish to show their support for BIG against breast cancer. They work to grow our network of supporters through introductions and events, and by providing their valuable advice and expertise.

The Ambassadors help to enhance existing programs and activities, develop new ideas and launch bold strategies to raise funds and awareness. They furthermore help BIG expand its activities to a global audience, with prominent events that will not only raise funds, but also make BIG known to a much broader public.

Her Majesty The Queen of the Belgians

Honorary President


Finding a cure for breast cancer is one of the biggest challenges faced by researchers from around the world.  

Significant progress has been made to improve both the chances of survival and the quality of life of women affected by the disease.  However, breast cancer remains the second most common cancer in the world and is still responsible for too many deaths annually.

By bringing together the top breast cancer experts from around the world to conduct innovative research, BIG has the global reach and expertise required to find a cure. We need to support such critical research to give hope to women affected by this devastating disease, and their families.

Jessica Parser

President of the Committee


Breast cancer is frightening and still too often it is a killer. I have huge respect and admiration for the teams that work to find a cure and work to make those living with breast cancer more comfortable. I said to myself, don't just talk: do something. that is why I joined the team of BIG to help raise funds for breast cancer research.

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Nathalie de Merode



At first, there was my admiration and respect for the founder of BIG, Martine Piccart. Like many among us, I owe her a lot. This admiration kept on growing as I discovered the impact of BIG’s international network and the hope that it’s trials give to women around the world. A project like “BIG Time for Baby” is the most beautiful example of how research can deliver a true impact in the lives of patients.

Frédéric Van der Schueren


Patsy Israël


Edith Roland


Catherine Vaxelaire