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“ We will find a cure for breast cancer through global research and collaboration ”


Breast cancer is far from being eradicated

Great progress has been made, but cancer incidence continues to grow. In Western countries, research and screening programs have successfully reduced the mortality rate but the number of patients diagnosed has actually increased over time (+66% since 1975). Today, a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer is 1 in 8.

A BIG network to find the cure

Chaired by Dr Martine Piccart and Dr Aron Goldhirsch, BIG’s mission is to facilitate breast cancer research internationally. To fulfil its mission, BIG can count on a network of more than 3.000 hospitals and more than 10.000 doctors and researchers!

BIG projects

In the spotlight

AURORA, a Metastatic breast cancer GPS
Academic programme “AURORA” (previously called PRISM-BC)

Metastatic cancer represents the leading cause of death among breast cancer patients, and little progress has been made until now. By using the latest technologies to “molecularly screen” patients tumours, the GPS project aims to analyse the mechanisms of resistance to treatment (why some patients’ tumours respond poorly), to understand the sensitivity to treatment (why some patients’ tumours respond well) and to track the natural progression of the disease. This will be the first large-scale international programme of its kind to focus on metastatic breast cancer, in the hope of significantly improving patients’ lives.


Other BIG projects

Finding a cure for breast cancer is one of the biggest challenges faced by researchers from around the world.  


Significant progress has been made to improve both the chances of survival and the quality of life of women affected by the disease.  However, breast cancer remains the second most common cancer in the world and is still responsible for too many deaths annually.


By bringing together the top breast cancer experts from around the world to conduct innovative research, BIG has the global reach and expertise required to find a cure. We need to support such critical research to give hope to women affected by this devastating disease, and their families.



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