Our mission


Today, a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer is 1 in 8. Globally, breast cancer still causes 522.000 deaths annually...

We are on a mission to change that.

BIG is an international not-for-profit organisation that represents the largest global network – over 50 countries, across 6 continents – of academic groups dedicated to breast cancer research.

Our mission is to facilitate and accelerate breast cancer research at the international level. We are convinced that through global research and collaboration, we will find a cure for breast cancer.

BIG mission statement.


"BIG has the global reach and expertise to find a cure. We need to support such critical research that gives hope."

HRM Queen of the Belgians

"I understand i won't directly benefit from this study, but it's my responsibility to help other women that will be confronted with the disease in future."

One of the MINDACT patients

"Proud to support breast cancer research that gives hope. Because all women have the right to happiness."

Julie Taton - Miss Belgium 2003

MINDACT Trial - 46% of patients could be spared from an aggressive treatment they would not benefit from

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The first results of the MINDACT trial, using the MammaPrint® test, have just been presented and give hope to many women with early-stage brea..

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Cancer Trials Ireland - Together, we're finding answers to cancer

To co-coincide with International Clinical Trials Day (20 May 2016), Cancer Trials Ireland (formerly known as the All-Ireland Cooperative Oncol..

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